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Mellohi, who's last name is unknown, was raised



up it the city of Cloudsdale. He is 21 and has a dark red mane and tail and has a grey coat.


He was an only child and his parents had died by the time he was 10. His cutie mark is a computer. When we asked him how he got it, he told us this:

"When I was 11, a year after my parents died, I started to loot stuff from the local dump in Ponyville, which was the place I was staying in, and I found an old computer that was still working. While I looked for any ponies that could have set this up, but there wasn't anypony there. So i turned on the computer and started to find that the Internet was quite interesting. Then five days later, I wake up with my cutie mark. It was the best day of my life!"

And thats all we know about the pony named Mellohi. (Hey that kinda rhymed!)


(Most of) The Mane 6 - Considers friends

Derpy - Very good friend ever since Mellohi came to Ponyville.

The Wonderbolts - Brought Rainbow Dash to see them one time, was a great show.

Spike - Spike owes Mellohi 10 bits. Also punched Mellohi in the face one time.

Ponyville Police - Took Mellohi to Jail after he beat Spike with a baseball bat and broke his leg.

Twilight Sparkle - The only one of the Mane 6 that doesn't like Mellohi because he broke Spike's leg.