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Merlot is a purple Earth Pony that lives in the Crystal Empire.

Merlot mOhandas
Kind Earth Pony
Sex Female
Occupation Animal Caretaker
Eyes Blue
Mane Black
Coat Purple
Relatives Shiraz
Cutie mark
Voice Her Own
Owner Aniju Aura


Merlot is a purple Earth Pony with black hair and blue eyes. Merlot is the softer, social and sane than her sister Shiraz. She enjoys music, art and animals. Merlot's favorite color is purple. Merlot keeps Shiraz in check and advices her on what she should do. Merlot's calm and thoughtful personality allows her to put herself in the foots of another. She doesn't like to do harm to others and rather avoid fights. She prefers to sovle her problem with works and thought than with brute force or violence. Merlot is good with making traps, and figuring out strategies.


Merlot wasn't born a pony or on Equestria, in fact she wasn't even born at all. She was born on Earth in the Nation of Panem and served as an imaginary friend for Shiraz. When Shiraz was reaped into The Hunger Games, a blood sport that puts children between the ages of 12 to 18 against one another to the death. Shiraz was 15 at the time and so Merlot appeared to be around the same age. At some point Aniju reincarnated Shiraz into an Earth Pony and sent to live in the Crystal Empire with Merlot, who became a real person. The two became sisters after this. Aniju gave both sisters a Bakugan during this time. The two met up with two other tributes from their Hunger Game, Kodiak of District 4 and Nabby of the Capitol.

After living in the Crystal Empire for a few days, Kodiak took up a job at the Castle, Shiraz, Merlot and Nabby started to take odd jobs around empire. Merlot and Shiraz worked as transport ponies, pulling carts to and from the train station to the local stores and Castle. Eventually Merlot got a better job taking care of the lambs at the farm near Kodiak's girlfriend's house. Merlot, Shiraz, Nabby and Kodiak, currently lives with Tigerlilly, Kodiak's girlfriend. 


Pictures of Merlot.


  • Merlot was named after a female meerkat in the Frisky, whom was Shiraz's sister. Merlot's last name come from another female meerkat from the Godzilla Mob, named Mohandas.
  • After the death of Nabby, all the tributes Merlot, Shiraz, Nabby and Kodiak were decided to be moved to the My Little Pony Universe after their Hunger Games.