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Kind Half-Unicorn
Sex Male
Eyes Luminous vivid gold
Strong gold
Mane Luminous vivid gold
Very light gold
Coat Very dark gray
Relatives Adagio Dazzle (mother)
Aria Blaze (aunt)
Starlight Darling (cousin)
Sonata Dusk (aunt)
Grace Note (cousin)
Frost Sentry (cousin)
Cutie mark
Voice Nathan Sharp (NateWantsToBattle)
Owner Skittles91k


Birth and Early Life[]

Midas is the only child to Adagio Dazzle, his father is unknown as Adagio Dazzle and Aria Blaze only had children to spread their Siren powers. He was born in the Human world and lived there most of his life, it is unknown when and how he got his Cutie Mark. After a failed attempt to take over the human world, he and Starlight Darling ran to Equestria for another attempt, only to fail. He now lives under the watch of Princess Twilight Sparkle in her castle, but he uses his home to torment the ponies living there.

in A Touch of Gold[]

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in Sirens and Shadows[]

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Siren Magic[]

Like his cousins, Midas possesses a very specific type of Siren magic. He can only put one person under his spell, but the connection is very strong and gives him power. He rarely gets to pick it, but Carina has given him the most powerful magic.


Midas is an extremely rude, sardonic and cocky pony. He can be sadistic at times and loves teasing Carina and causing any problems he can for those around him.



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