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Midnight Flare
Being a fast flier and fire-proof, He's not afraid to sacrifice himself in the face of danger. He is very protective of his friends and often goes headfirst into danger for them.


Midnight Flare



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Credit to King Flying Rock for the creation of Midnight Flare

Name - Midnight Flare

Age - 26

Pony Type - Alicorn

Cutie Mark - Ying Yang symbol made of fire

Mane and Tail colors - Looks like an active fire burning

Eye color - Crimson


Detailed history can be found at Midnight Flare Detailed History

The long lost brother to Twilight Sparkle he left his home while she was still very young to master his fire powers and to become a great flier. Befreinded Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy in flight school. One day some bullies went to pick on Fluttershy for being a weak flier, and Rainbow Dash went to help her. This resulted in a race where
Final midnight flare image

Midnight Flare without his wing

Fluttershy was then knocked off a cloud and began to fall uncontrollably towards Ponyville. Midnight Flare, noticing this, sparng to action to rescue Fluttershy from hitting the ground, but then saw that she was rescued from impact by a swarm of butter flies. Midnight stopped in mid-air but just then Rainbow Dash had done her first Sonic Rainboom and the impact wve struck him on the laft side and destroyed his left wing causing him now to fall to the ground.

As he lay there in pain and agony a shard of Nightmare Moon struck an agreement with Midnight Flare to heal his wing, what she never mentioned was that she would also be able to control Midnight Flare when she so pleased it. This arrangement lead to Midnight Flare commiting horrible acts of murder all over Equestria. While not his fault he still feels guilty for just the same.

Things finally came to a head at Canterlot Castle when the Mane Six gathered the Elements of Harmony and used it on the Nightmare Moon possed Midnight Flare. This had the side effect of reverting him to his state before he was taken over by Nightmare Moon. The Princesses took mercy on him and immediately started to work on his wing, although very painful he was eventually healed.

Other Info


Although to outsiders he can be very intimidating, mostly arising from his hushed reputation during his Nightmare Moon years. He is actually a very loyal friend to those who bother to learn who he really is. Very loyal to Equestria and it's Princesses. He is in the Equestrian army, ready to lay his life on the line for the upcoming war against the Griffons.


Rainbow Dash - Married to Rainbow Dash

Thunder Blaze - Midnight and Rainbow's son

Fluttershy - Good friend from flight school

Shining Armor -Midnight's older brother-in-law, Married to Princess Cadance

Princess Cadance - Midnight's sister-in-law, Married to Shining Armor

Princess Celestia - Great-aunt

Dream Cast - Midnight's younger brother

Twilight Sparkle - Midnight Flare's sister

Nightmare Moon - Used him to kill other ponies

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