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Midnight Triplets is the Ponysona (or OC pony) for Steek.


Midnight Triplet finished

Midnight Triplets

Midnight Triplets is a light grey pegasus. His spiky blue mane is tipped with grey tips, and his tail resembles his mane but with the addition of a stripe.

His cutiemark is a triplet (a three note grouping), and his talent is that of a musician


Midnight grew up in the large city of Manehatten, where his single dad owns a large music store. he grew up admiring the famous musicians of Equestria such as thelivingtombstone, and Vinyl Scratch (he carries a Vinyl Scratch plushie with him everywhere).

His mother ran off and left him, and his dad soon after he was born due to the fact she thought his father would never be successful with his music store. This led to his dad immersing himself in his work as a shop owner, and musician. But it also meant that he was never in want of a music teacher, or instrument. His dad taught him how to play the guitar, and effectively mix tracks on a set of turntables. However he didn't earn his cutiemark until he came across the drums at the back of his father's store.

IRC RP Stories[]


Midnight appeared at the mansion late at night, and though little is known about him he was quickly accepted into the house.


None so far

Other Info[]

Midnight uses a sylladex to carry things around such as the ones on

He tends to die when his body gets too beat up, a new fully replenished body appears for him nearby (the new body looks like his old one would in its healthy state).