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Miharu "Mika" Fujiwara
Miharu Fujiwara (or Mika)
"Meet my cousin, Mika!" -Fluttershy
Kind Pegasus
Sex Female/Mare
Occupation shop owner
Eyes Very Light cyan
Mane Pale magenta and Very light sap green
Coat Light yellow
Nicknames Miha-chan, Haru, Fuji, Fujiwara, Haru Wara (nickname of the last parts of her name)
Relatives Fluttershy (cousin)
Cutie mark
Fushia heart with four curls Fushia heart vector
Voice Mirabelle Kirkland
Owner User:PandoraStar411

With her Japanese-like accent, Mika joins the ranks of unexplainable foreign-accent ponies.


When Mika wanted to have an exciting journey, her mother sends her to her cousin's house in Ponyville, Equestria. She meets Primson Gown, Anne Hoofinway, Midnight Key, Mint Blossom, Violet Rainbow, and Amethyst Dazzle.


Mika is a very bubblely mare. Relatives of Fluttershy always compare Fluttershy to Mika since they are always together whenever they have a family reunion. She's also (though) very naiive.


  • The voice actor is the same one for Yumi Ishiyama in Code Lyoko
  • She speaks in third-person though, when she sang "What My Cutie Mark Is Telling me" song, she sang in first person