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Milky Rose
File:Milky Rose.JPG
Kind Alicorn
Sex Female
Occupation The Cutie Mark Crusader's Playmate and classmate.
Eyes Blue
Mane Powder blue with dark pink stripes.
Coat Pale pink
Nicknames Ro
Relatives Princesses Celestia and Luna (Cousins)
Special Ability Restores destroyed things as good as new.
Cutie mark
An 8-petaled purple flower with a blue jewel in the middle and sparkles.
Owner User: Mirajane164

Milky Rose is an Alicorn.


She is Princess Celestia and Princess Luna's cousin. She was born when Luna was transformed Nightmare Moon. She has a special ability to restore destroyed things but it costs a bit of her life force. Princess Celestia was protective of the filly so, with no other choice and with Nightmare Moon aiming for Milky's ability, she frozed Milky and hid her from Nightmare Moon. After Nightmare Moon was banished, Celestia unfrozed Milky and taught her about this and that. She is allowed to go outside to meet other ponies but she had to be guarded when she got to Ponyville with Twilight as her protector. Milky was forbidden to use her special ability for it worries Princess Celestia. At the time when Celestia got missing, Milky couldn't stop crying and Nightmare Moon imprisoned the poor little filly. Twilight was panicking when Milky was captured. The mane six rescued her and told her that she will see Celestia again. When fighting with Nightmare Moon, Twilight hid her so Nightmare Moon will not hurt her. And when Celestia reaapears, Milky was so happy and when she found out that Luna's back she became too excited about it while Celestia calms her down. She is now studying at Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle adn Scootaloo's school and is best friends with them. She often visits Luna and Celestia.