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Mistress Lucinde
Kind Demon Pegasus
Sex Female
Occupation Ruler of the underworld
Eyes Crimson
Mane Blue
Coat Red
Nicknames The Pegasus witch
Relatives Unamed Mother (Deceased)

King Sombra (student, formerly)

Cutie mark
Voice sherie rene scott



Lucinde was born with the name Lucy to a mare whose husband had died in a fight.

Many who visited the mare thought something was off about the filly, but everypony kept it for themselves and told their foals to stay away from Lucy,
it didn't help that she was much longer than most of her age

As years of lonelyness passed, Lucy started to hate everything and become delusional about how great she is.

She created many spells that officialy known as dark magic

But one fateful day Lucy preformed the heinous act of murdering her mother but instead of being sent to the sun the higher ups decided to make her ruler of the underworld due to her ruthlessness

Centuries passed and Lucy now known as Lucinde aptemps to escape from the underworld and attack the two filly Princesses Celestia and Luna, but gets banished by the queen of old Equestria and mother of Celestia and Luna

She takes in a colt to become her student: Sombra Eclipse, now better known as King Sombra.
it worked out pretty well until Sombra gets turned into a shadow by the Celestial Sisters, Fueling Lucinde's hatred for the two

Nowadays Lucinde has given up on escaping the underworld, but still causes missery any chance she gets


Lucinde is very persistent,classy, sneaky as lawyer and has a short temper and loves being hammy