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Misty Morning

Misty Morning ID
Misty Morning, captain of the Ixhelcan Royal Guard

Young Misty Morning ID
Young Misty Morning

Misty Morning in her captain outfit

Misty Morning - Human Form
Misty Morning's human form

Kind Ixhelcan Pony
Sex Female
Occupation Captain of the Ixhelcan royal guard
Student at Ixhelca School for Noble Ponies (formerly)
Eyes Pale, light grayish fuchsia
Mane Two tones of light, magentaish gray
Coat Light gray
Nicknames Mist, Captain Morning, M.M
Relatives Meteor Morning (father)
Aurora Crown (mother)
Cloudy Morning (younger brother)
Magic aura Light arctic bluish gray
Cutie mark
Yellow sun with three hearts
Owner Usernamebanner

Misty Morning is a female Ixhelcan Pony and one of the Ixhelcan Mane Six. She is the captain of the Ixhelcan Royal Guard, serving under Queen Harmonia and Princess Lily.


Misty Morning, known as "Captain Morning", of the Ixhelcan Royal Guard and "M.M" by her friends, is dubbed as the "serious" one of the group. She is very strict when it comes to the security of her home. She obeys every single order from the queen and the princess. Her family trained her strictly to become a good captain of the Ixhelcan Royal Guard and is famous in the Ixhelca Empire for training the best guards.



Misty Morning was born to Meteor Morning and Aurora Crown of the prestigious Morning family. As a filly, she was trained to become a guard by her father, the captain of the Ixhelcan royal guard. While attending the Ixhelca School for Noble Ponies, Misty distanced herself from the other students, as she felt that friends were just a nuisance and was more focused in her studies. Eventually, Misty finished her studies and succeeded her father as the captain of the Ixhelcan royal guard in the Ixhelca Empire.

Physical appearance

Misty Morning has a pure white coat with a sun cutie mark with three hearts and pale, light grayish fuchsia colored eyes. Her mane and tail are colored in two different shades of light magentaish gray.

In the human world, she wears the IPA official school uniform, with her bow, part of her shoes and skirt colors are pink. The other part of her shoes are colored exactly like her eyes and is usually shown carrying a book. She is also the student body president at the Ixhelca Private Academy.


Misty Morning is shown to be friendly, gentle, caring, and organized. She is sometimes strict due to her position as captain of the Ixhelcan Royal Guard and is shown to possess good manners. Though appearing as a strict mare, she cares deeply for her friends and family. Misty also has a girly side, which only her best friends, like Crescendo Melody, know about.


Misty Morning is shown to be exceptionally talented at magic, almost as skilled as Twilight Sparkle. She has a talent for controlling small parts of light and shape them into almost anything using her magic.


"I am Misty Morning! The captain of the Ixhelcan Royal Guard, serving under the queen of the Ixhelca Empire."
— Misty Morning introducing herself, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: The Legend of Ixhelca



  • Misty is the first Ixhelcan Pony to be created and named.