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Monday Morning and Rainy Day


Monday Morning is a pony on a constant hangover. Always grumpy, always falling asleep in other pony's yards, and often seen at the local bar drinking down Buttercup Beer. He's not exactly the most agreeable of ponies out there and generally tends to keep to himself (mostly because he's sleeping during the day).

Nobody is quite sure what if he's ever had a regular job, but he's usually around to help during Winter Wrap-up to pull farm equipment around and plant stuff (mostly because the bar is closed during that time and he's forced to sober up). He's actually rather knowledgable about farming, it's just that he chooses to be a Pony-Bum rather than a productive member of society.


Monday Morning's history is just a blur from whatever crazy event happened last night at the bar. There's really not much point asking since he lives for the day (or night... seeing as he sleeps through it).

Other Info

  • Monday constantly wears a sleeping mask because he's usually too drunk to make it home and passes out some poor pony's yard. The mask covers his eyes from the sun, seeing as he sleeps through it most of the time.
  • He once scared Rainy Day into hiding for a few days after she accidentally watered the flowerbed he was sleeping in. Nopony really ever noticed she was missing...
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