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I'm Not A Good Pony
Monochrome as a Unicorn
Sex Female
Eyes Bright Blue
Mane Black
Coat Dark Gray
Owner Charna Mar (Lonely-Frostflower)
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Monochrome is a female unicorn who resides in the Everfree Forest.

Design and Development[]

Monochrome's development started shortly after Flipnote Hatena, an animation service on the 3ds, was released. Monochrome appeared in many flipnote rps until it's shut down. Her personality and backstory has changed a lot since her debut and has since been updated. She was originally an Alicorn , but this was changed quickly as the creator felt this was a unneeded aspect of her character.== Personality == Monochrome tends to be quite anti-social due to all her time being separated from other ponies. However, she is still quick to make friends and craves companionship.


Shadow Pony Shadow Pony is Monochrome's oldest companion and friend. Little is known about him other than that he's a shadow from somewhere beyond Equestria. He is very secretive, has little patience, and is very dedicated to his cause.


Cloudia met Monochrome when she fell out of Cloudsdale, practicing for her flight exam. Monochrome helped her out and tried to bring her back home when they ran into Rainbow Dash. Cloudia learns of Monochrome's past, of which, made Monochrome believe that she was evil.

They meet another time when Cloudia was perusing Shadow Pony, after he had stolen an important artifact, only to learn that she was involved in a heist. This made Cloudia doubt that she was actually good, but she still liked her regardless.