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Moonlight Path
Kind Unicorn
Sex Female
Occupation Equestrian Traveler (Formally)


Eyes Moderate Emerald Green
Mane Moderate Violet
Coat Dark Azure
Residence Trottingham (Formally)


Magic Aura Moderate Emerald Green
Cutie mark
Moon Dancer's Cutie Mark
Voice Erin Fitzgerald

Moonlight Path is a Unicorn who traveled all over Equestria. She knows everything about every place in Equestria and now currently os a writer in Ponyville.

Former Life

Before Moonlight Path met her friends she traveled Equestria and was a Student a Trotting Ham University. She was very mean to other ponies and was popular. As her parent were sick of her attitude, they sent her to Appleloosa and other places on a trip with a guide. As first Moonlight Path was furious, but then realized that see loved to travel to other places and learn about the history of it. At that moment her cutie mark sparkled (she never had known what her talent was, she thought is was being pretty) she had finally know what her cutie mark meant! After that she started to care about what she looked like less, thus her hair style changed. When she returned home and school she became an outcast. She soon dropped out after that. Soon when she met her friends while traveling she stayed in Ponyville. Moonlight Path now currently writes about places in a Equestria.


Moonlight Path is Best Friends with 5 other mares

Do You Know You Are My Very Best Friends?

Moonlight and Her Friends

Cloud Spark

Cloud Spark in known to be a mystery and Moonlight Path, as she find her to be a character for writing.


Moonlight Path sometimes find Cryla to be "messy and distructive". On a few occasions Cryla has accidently ruin Moonlight Path's books.


Moonlight Path and Hazel have a very normal relationship. Though sometimes Moonlight Path finds her to be ridiculous.



Cutie Mark

Moonlight Path's Cutie Mark repersents compass directions since she likes to travel. The moon is for her name, Moonlight Path.


When Moonlight Path is discorded, she turns back in to her former self, a snob from Trottingham. She finds the other ponies to be pathetic pieces of garbage that can be thrown away any minuite.

She is reverted back to her true form when K.B. uses a memory spell on her.


  • She is based off my friend in real life
    Custom oc moon dancer by gryphyn bloodheart-d7ib260
  • On Devaint Art, I commsioned Gryphyn-Bloodheart for a toy version of her
  • She was originally named Moon Dancer
  • Moonlight's Pokémon Trainer counterpart is Merideith Path


Cloud Spark and Moon Dancer

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