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Moonlit Mayhem
Kind Alicorn Draconequus Hybrid
Sex Female
Occupation Co-Harmony ruler of Equestria.
Nicknames Moonlit,Maymay,Nightmare Havoc,Moonlit Heart.
Relatives Discord (father),Princess Luna (mother),Nightsky Havoc(sister) Fluttershy(step-mother) Pandemonium Blossom (step-sister)
Full Title Princess Moonlit Mayhem
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 Moonlit Mayhem  or Princess Moonlit Mayhem is a smart and cocky female Draconequus Alicorn hybrid.She currently live at Canterlot with her family.Moonlit is the daughter of Discord and Princess Luna, twin sister of Nightsky Havoc,step-sister of Pandemonium Blossom and the best friend of Royal Gala . Alongside with Princess Royal Gala ,Prince Imperial Glimmer,Prince Dark Sunlight,Princess Soaring Dazzle,Princess Sunshine Genesis and Prince Elite Blood, she will be a Harmony Ruler,the ones that need to spread harmony and friendship with the consent of Twilight Sparkle,Princess Celestia and probably Luna and Cadance.

General Info[]


Moonlit is very smart and friendly but is very and very arrogant.When she was young, she was pretty shy.She have a shy,calm and quiet outer-shell, but when the shell broke, she show a side that it's very friendly.She is frightened if the ponies knows her existence,because her look is weird, how she will thinking other ponies will describe her physique.


Moonlit look is odd, mainly because she have a part Draconequus.She have a lion paw,a bat wing and her father's horn.Her mane is two tone of blue, one darker than the other one.She have a dark blue full leg, with the same colors of her mom's.



Abilities and Skills[]


Moonlit  is a talented user of magic.She a powerful pony having the almost same abilities of her father and her probably her mother.Thus, she got many to learn.


Princess Luna[]

Princess Luna is Moonlit mother. 


Discord is Moonlit father.

Nightsky Havoc[]

Nightsky is Moonlit sister. Even if their personality is slightly opposite, they get along perfectly . Havoc is Moonlit twin sister but Havoc is slightly older.

Pandemonium Blossom[]



Royal Gala[]

Moonlit Mayhem is considering Gala like a best buddy.Friend since foalhood, Moonlit Mayhem can trust Royal Gala in a precious way.

Soaring Dazzle[]

Moonlit is envious of Soaring because she is Royal Gala new friend and Moonlit was very close to Gala before Soaring comes. Moonlit does not show affection to Soaring.

Whirlwind Thunderbolt[]


Miracle Harmony[]


Sunshine Genesis[]

As her cousin, Sunshine Genesis is kind of close to Moonlit Mayhem. Sunshine Genesis learned to Moonlit Mayhem how to control her chaos magic. As the next rulers of Equestria, both share stress about the Equestria Royal Test.


Moonlit Mayhem
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