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"I love to make cheese."

- Mozzarella

Kind Pony, Earth
Sex Mare (Female)
Occupation Professional Cheese Maker
Eyes Dark Gamboge
Mane Dark Vermilion
Coat Light Gold
Nicknames Mozy
Talent Makes a lot of different types of cheeses.
Cutie mark
MZ cutie mark
A slice of mozzarella cheese with a knife inside it.
Voice Jennfer Lee Taylor
Owner User:Agent Nikolai

Mozzarella is an earth pony that is the mother of Lightning Strike, Nano Watt, and Marzolina. She is also the wife of Electric Wire. Mozzarella owns a cheese shop in Ponyville, where she makes all kinds of cheeses. The store is also the residence of her family, they live on the second and third floors of the store.