Mr. Check-Inn
Mr. Check-Inn
Mr. Check-Inn
Kind Unicorn
Sex Male
Occupation Manager of the Stable Inn
Eyes Dark Olive
Mane Very Light Arctic Blue
Coat Dark Raspberry with a White flank
Magic aura Strong Gold
Cutie mark
Mr. Check-Inn's Cutie Mark
Service Bell
Voice Phill Lewis
Owner User:Otherside86
Mr. Check-Inn is Sir Sheath and Little Valor's strict landlord.


The uptight manager of the Stable Inn at Ponyville, where Sir Sheath and Little Valor are staying. His job is to keep everything in his inn is in order. He is often annoyed by the Little Valor and his friends causing trouble there. He also has a crush on Mayor Mare.

He doesn't like it when Sheath and his friends have some "Steed Knight business" at his inn, which may include the Enmity Gang. All the fights in the hallways, all the noises, guests getting suspicious. He trys so desperately to cover it up.

Other versions

The Stable Inn is in Canterlot where Bright Idea and Nimbus Quasar.

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