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Mud Bug


Mud Bug





Cutie Mark

A splat of mud with a heart shaped bug sat ontop of of it.


MudBug, or Buggy as she's often known, could be considered a very pretty pony if she kept her hooves out of the mud for more than five minutes. Loving to get into the thick of it all, this silly filly is always throwing mud bombs, digging trenches for flowers and constantly looks a scruff. Granted there are times she can be clean, but it's rare and often follows with the little lady having her end of her fringe, tail and hooves caked with mud. Overall, a girl who aint afraid to get down and dirty.


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Other Info

Likes: Mud, Mud pies, Mud fights, horsing around, long lies in, dancing and concerts.

Dislikes: Baths, 'girly' stuff, being told she's too 'dirty' to be in places, ridiculously early mornings and posh people.

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