Melody Aria "Musa" Philomela Calliope

Musa 1

Musa filly


Kind Earth
Sex Female
Occupation Seller of Musical Instruments
Eyes Vivid cornflower blue
Mane Vivid cerise
Coat Very pale cerise
Nicknames Muse, Musa, Melody, Shira (Clarion), Calli
Shop Musa's Instruments
Cutie mark
Musa cutiemark
A yellow star on the corner, a music note with three red hearts
Voice Christina Grimmie
The Voice Season 6 "Battle Rounds" Team Adam Christina Grimmie Interview

The Voice Season 6 "Battle Rounds" Team Adam Christina Grimmie Interview

Owner Astralfleur
 "Music can change world, because it can change ponies." -Musa

Melody Aria "Musa" Philomela Calliope is one of the most popular musician and a seller of musical instruments. 


Musa was beautiful or pretty, mysterious, and a music lover. She was born with music and harmony. She also loves peace. Musa was a workaholic pony, she works 24 hours but she stops in weekends. 

She is also a cat person, so she goes to Rarity's boutique sometimes, she claims her dresses and takes care of Rarity's pet, Opalescence.


Musa proud
Musa has vivid cornflower blue eyes, vivid cerise (her mane), and very pale cerise (her coat). Everything is pink, because pink, is Musa's favorite. 

Equestria Girls

Musa's appearance in Equestria Girls is that she has a white jacket, and purple sleeveless shirt, with her cutiemark on it. She has white jeans, and black shoes. 


Musa cutiemark
The yellow star means, great at singing. The music note can mean that she found her talent which is singing, and the three red hearts can mean; her love for singing.

Story: (When she was a Filly)

Musa was going to sing for the Play in their school, she looks pretty scared; because it is her first time; but she practiced in her home, hardly. 

Their teacher announced that it's Musa's turn to sing (as a special perform). Then, she gets up on the stage, then singing, 'Let it Go'. 

The audience were amazed by Musa's talent. Something popped in her flank, which is a yellow star, and a music note. But, when she was now in bridge, she felt like she was singing alone with no pony around, and she began to make her singing in heaven, symbolizing that she love singing.

And, then, the three red hearts popped under the music note. 

After that, the audience clapped at her talent, with that, Musa burst into tears and bowed down. 



Because of being a cat person/pony, she rarely visits Rarity if there is time. She doesn't have a cat caregiver service, she only just love cats and has a desire to take care of them. Rarity let's her so Opalescence would have a playmate.

Rarity and Musa share friendship toward each other, no matter what happens.


Opal and Musa make great friends, Opal loves Musa to be around. Musa takes care of Opal rarely when she has a time to. Opal sometimes follows Musa when she was going home, resulting worrying Rarity.

They also share a great friendship toward each other, like Opal defends Musa.


Because of her being a musician, she and Clarion has a good friendship toward each other. They also sometimes perform together in a stage.


- The owner's favorite singer was Christina Grimmie, therefore, this is HER favorite pony. (User:Astralfleur)

-This is the ponysona of User:Astralfleur

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