My Little Pony: Marisa Adventures
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Main Setting

Ponyville, Equestria

Main Characters

Marisa Ariel Dempsey, Brutal "Chii" Essin, Flutter Fritz, Apathy Honorheart, Siete Marmamrae, Wonder Muffin, Pain Suffragentice, Jade Riot RedBlazer, Waffle Mint Hamelswourth, Nickolai Antonio Bloodgood


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My Little Pony: Marisa Adventures is a small series of fan-made episodes for Marisa Ariel Dempsey and her friends in Ponyville. There are a total of three seasons, and more may be still to come. Credit is given to the ones who give out ideas for the episodes.

Season 1

"The Adventure Pt. 1"


When strange memories start to enter Marisa's head of her father's past, she moves to Ponyville thinking that it will help her problems be reduced. When they start to worsen, Marisa finds out the history of her father, Seargent Dempsey, is not what it seems. Now Marisa has to find her father and his comrades in a Time Machine in the basement, so Marisa and her long time friend, Chii, adventure into the past to find them.

"The Adventure Pt. 2"


Finally finding her father, Marisa tries to find a way out of the past by getting to the nearest time machine there to return home, but when the machine slowely starts to break down, Dempsey and the four others (Nikolai, Takeo, Richtofen, and Chii) have to fix it in time.

"Signs of Interest"


Flutter Fritz is the new pony in town! But when Flutter moves into an extremely old house with her sister Thunder, she meets a stallion named Siete who tries to warn them that the house is dangerous.

"The Galloping Dead"


After Wonder Muffin hears a ghost story about the house next door, she grows extremely afraid of sleep, and has a hard time getting outside of the house. Marisa, Wonder Muffin's sister, tries to reason with her.



Chii discovered a new spell that can increase the size of any object in view! But things suddenly turn to terror as Marisa interrupts Chii's concentration and turns her into a giant pony. Now Chii and the gang must help Marisa from the spell before she grows too huge and destroys Equestria.

"Attention Seeking"


There is a new stallion in the town of Ponyville named James InfaRed. However, all of the ponies are worried once they discover that Princess Celestia sent him to Ponyville on House-Arrest.

"Rest in a Piece"


Flutter Fritz's insane brother, Sparky, enters Ponyville in an attempt to become a world famous Scientist for creating new projects. After being rejected for "Being too crazy", he captures Marisa and does experiments on her to make new elements and scientific projects. Now Chii and the others must stop Sparky and get Marisa out to heal from the experiments before too much is done.

"Dream Traveling"


Chii finally works on a spell that can cause a pony to travel into another pony's dream world, but when Chii accidently sends herself into Amber's dream world, she tries her best to get out before her imagination overwhelms her. Interesingly, she finds a very odd fact about Amber's emotions. How she has a huge crush on James.

"Future Mess-Up"


Seargent Dempsey decides to see what the future will be like, and so enters 7 years into the Time Machine of the upcoming future, but in the future when he finds out that Marisa has had a small filly named Cassandra Heart, he brings the filly back to the present by accident, having the future into deep trouble. Now he must find a way to send Cassy back to the future.

"Scary Saturday"


Marisa finds a book containing a very interesting spell that can be casted by anyone who says it out loud, so when Marisa decides to pick a random spell without reading what it does, she ends up accidently switching bodies with her father. Now, she must find a way to explain and switch back the situation.

"Horrifying Bugs Pt. 1"


A horrible threat is sent to Ponyville when Konfusion, an insect-like creature stallion to infest the entire town with bugs, taking the Elements of Harmony away and locking up the Mane 6. Being the second most evil presence in Equestia, Konfusion threatens the destruction of Ponyville until the ponies give him the ruling throne. Marisa, Chii, Flutter Fritz, and Apathy are sent to the EverFree Forest to retrieve an old ancient relic that is said to ban the bugs from being in the town.

"Horrifying Bugs Pt. 2"


Finding the relic leading to slaying Konfusion and his evil bugs, Konfusion, Running out of ideas, sends his bugs to crawl into Chii's head. Doing so causes Chii to go against the others. Marisa tries to snap Chii out of her evil trans. Marisa, finally getting Chii back from being the enemy, discovers that she has a special power to finally slay Konfusion along with the ancient Relic; the ability to turn things on fire.

Season 2

"Can't Ridden the Pain Pt. 1"


Marisa decides to want to find out if she can ressurrect her mother by asking Chii for help. Having studied a lot of ressurrection spells, they both try to ressurrect her mother until things take a twisted turn and they find out that they did not ressurrect Marisa's mother, but something diffrent, Something worse.

"Can't Ridden the Pain Pt. 2"


Pain Suffragentice, being risen from the shadows, enters Ponyville to terrorize the residence. Taking over Marisa's body to threaten the town, Pain declares that he is not leaving until he gets authority at the throne. Chii and Dempsey have to save both Marisa and the Town from miserable danger.

"Just getting used to Zeh Either!"


Marisa's Birthday is coming soon, and all her friends are excited for the celebration! However, strangely James arrives at the party uninvited, and gives Marisa a mysterious gift. A Box with nothing in it. Marisa believes it is just a mean prank, and so continues on her party, until the next morning, she wakes up as a stallion. Now she needs to get to James to ask to reverse the curse.

"A Special Guest"


Edward Richtofen, a german trouble-making pegasus in the 1940's decides to visit Ponyville through the Time Machine. Dempsey (Marisa's Father), completely shocked that he has even came back, tells him to leave as soon as Possible before trouble starts. However, things get a bit sticky when Richtofen refuses, and gets loose in Ponyville. Now they ponies must find him and send him back before he causes trouble in the future.

"Our Spooky Spectacular Nightmare" 5

Halloween is approaching! And with Marisa being a vampony for halloween and Chii being Seargent Dempsey, tonight is definitely going to be the best Nightmare Night ever. But things take a strong twist when a new and  scary pony named Scar Tooth hits town, and everypony starts to hide. Scar Tooth, enjoying the thrill of being feared, demands the command and rule over Ponyville. Now Chii and Marisa just find a way to get Scar Tooth to either leave town, or get her into the spirit of friendship and love in Ponyville.

"Crazy Dazey Far Awayzee"


When Flutter Fritz enters SugarCube Corner for the first time to buy chocolates for Siete as a Valentines day gift, she decides to try some of it as a first time of eating chocolate. Flutter Fritz loves their new chocolatey product so much that she eats too much of it, and starts to go on a hyper-rage. Now Siete has to try to get the chocolates away from Flutter Fritz. Little does he know that Flutter sometimes may have... Anger problems.

"Have it in good Hooves Pt. 1"


Weeks after Twilight Sparkles' Human adventure, James InfaRed finds and sneaks into Marisa's time machine overnight and takes a trip 30 moons away from the present time to enter the human portal. The Time Machine's loud noise triggers Marisa is wake up and check out her machine. Seeing that it was used and warmed up, She immediatly calls Chii and Jade to come with her to see who had taken their adventure.And together they meet several of their friends as well as the two who snuck in the machine.

"Have it in Good Hooves Pt. 2"


Misara is extremely angry that she is out of school, but sneakingly she still continues to help James InfaRed take the power of friendship against Marisa and her 'human' friends by making them go against each other. In the very last day of the school where there is only an hour left, Misara uses her now strengthened special ability and turns both her and James into demonic humanoid creatures to get rid of Marisa.

"The New Pony...Or Ponies..."


A new pony resident enters Ponyville! The town is super excited to giving her the biggest welcome. Until, one small thing; The pony that has visited was cursed to have a second soul in her body that causes trouble. Strangely to the others, "Cotton Candy" the new resident, asks the two ponies for help to either get the second soul out of her body or give the second soul a body of her own. Now Chii needs to find a spell to fix the issue before problems risen.

"Bad Memories"


Flutter Fritz, having an extremely hard time with her past memories, decides to ask Sparky if she can get hypnotized to lose all of her bad memory. Unfortunetly, things take a twist as Sparky accidently erases every bit of Memory in Flutter Fritz's head. Now, with Siete in a panic, the ponies have to try to find a way to bring Flutter's memory back.

"As a Matter of Fact..."


Chii tries to work on a new spell of creating an object into a Pony itself, with Marisa in a super-hyper active mood jumping around to help her. When Rosie Black and Lightning Rocks helps Chii with the spell, they first have to enter their password-ed garden mansion to work on it, and that also means keeping Marisa's calm before she can possible destroy the entire place with her hyper attitude.

"A New Family Member"


Marisa is being invited to Apathy and Chii's picnic in a few weeks, but when a baby changeling crashes into the front yard of Marisa's home, she takes it in as a family member and names it Red Rose. It takes those weeks for Red Rose to become a teenage changeling, But things turn around when Marisa falls under the control of Red when she falls in family love with her, and doesn't do anything. Red is petrified of what to do now that Marisa's is taken control of by her, so Red Rose shapeshifts as Marisa and attends the Picnic herself. Little does she know the ways how to act like her.

"Mare of Leather"


Marisa and her friends plan a picnic when a quiet pony named Jade Riot RedBlazer starts to hang around at the park. Interesingly, she finds that Jade is the sister of James InfaRed, and so Marisa continously attempts to get Jade to become part of Marisa's group of friends.

"The Scary Ending of a True Story"


James has finally thought of a well idea to find his way to ruling what he wants, and so he invited Marisa to his own home. There, as Marisa gets there, James sings a song to Marisa, and with his singing control ability, he brainwashes Marisa into thinking that all of her friends are working against her. Now the ponies must find a way to break the spell and stop James.

Season 3

"To Fix Everything"


Marisa is now back to normal from her trans. However James is very dissatisfied with this. He does the same exact trick as he had done to Marisa on Chii, and brainwashes her to go against all possible love on Earth. Now the friends must tell the Princess of James' acts, and turn Chii back to her position as the friend of the gang.

"The Great Obsession"


The ponies all gather for a big celebration that is coming near to them in Ponyville, and Chii is extremely excited about it. So excited that she casts a spell from her journal not remembering what the spell actually does. The spell ends up giving all of her friends super-natural powers that they had never had before. Now Chii must find a way to reverse the spell.

"A Rivalry of Friendship!'


James InfaRed finally has a chance to sneak into the Time Machine of Marisa's basement while they are not home. He enters the future of Ponyville and meets someone.
"Repeating Childhood"



"The Mare in the Mirror"


Marisa strangely finds a look alike of herself named Misara, who she than believes is out to get her. She continues to try to get onto Misara's case, and grows very paranoid of her, seeming like a bully to her other friends. Finally, when Misara gets far enough, she takes Marisa away into her own basement and recolors herself as Marisa to bully Marisas friends. Now the other friends must find out why 'Marisa' is acting so unbelievably different.

Title Episodes

"Much Chaos About Nothing"                         

Amber Hollywether finally realizes that her school crush, Jaimix, will never like her in return, so Amber, with the knowledge of her father's scientist abilities, creates a cyborg version of Jaimix that is 2x stronger and more loving than Jaimix himself. Unfortunetly for Amber, Jaimix (Cyborg) starts to follow her around, even at school. And so without the real Jaimix knowing, Amber must search for a way to reactivate the cyborg Jaimix.
"Call of the Zombie Ponies" 7
Seargent Dempsey decides to once again enter the basement time machine to celebrate the recent birthday of Takeo Masaki in Shangri-La. Dempsey enjoys his time until strangely, he sees someone very interesting to stop by in Shangri. That someone happens to be his commonly known-as-dead Wife, Rosaline Betreica Dempsey. Dempsey is extremely shocked to hear of the survival of his wife, and desperatly requests that she would enter the future to meet her daughters who she has not seen ever since the ponies birth. Rosaline however, cannot leave Shangri, for she tells Dempsey that the element of the 115 (which had created the zombies) is within her and is keeping her alive, but entering the future would cause a future apocalypse. Dempsey does not appear in any episode after this season's episode.
"Computer Festival" 8
A new pony named Waffle Mint Hamelswourth moves into Ponyville to participate in a computer festival. Strangely, James notices, and Marisa Dempsey and her friends find out that James fears Waffle severely, and is his cousin. Waffle ends up meeting Marisa and her friends at the end of the festival, but than meets Chii and instantly crushes on her. Waffle has a hard time trying to tell Marisa that he is crushing on Chii, but he tells her anyway.
"The Return of Nightmare Night" 9
A new vampony by the name of Scar Helvenberg moves into Ponyville, and befriends Flutter Fritz. However, Marisa and her friends find out that Scar is planning on having Flutter Fritz as a 'Snack'. All of the ponies go on a Trick-or-Treating hunt to look for the vampony while getting candy from Neighbors.
"The Return of the Return of Nightmare Night" 10
Marisa discovers that she has been bitten by Scar, and so now all of the friends plan on a big 'fun-day' where they can play with Marisa and give her the funnest day of her life until she turns into a Vampony.

"The Aftermath of Nightmare Night"

Marisa finally transforms into a Vampony, and all of the other pony friends begin to hide from her, trying to think of a way to turn Marisa back to normal. Marisa starts to feel really depressed when the others hide, until finally James InfaRed creates a potion to cure her vamponyism.
"Were we Buried again?" 12

Marisa has not seen her father in weeks after his time travel, and so travels in her time machine to find him. Strangely for her, she ends up in an underground western town stranded in the middle of nowhere. Marisa sees her old teammates Misty and Marlton once again, and so Marisa asks them to help her find her father. Unfortunetly, the entire town is soon infested by the zombie ponies. All three of the survivors work their way to where her father happens to be; frozen with the other four ponies in a crash cabsul on their way from the moon.

"A Haunting in Ponyville" 13
The strange large house lays all by itself at the other side of Ponyville. Marisa, hearing stories about the haunting in the home really get her interested, so she does research. Doing so, she finds out that the haunting ghost that stays there is the condemned soul of her own mother Rosaline. Marisa than takes her and her two fathers (Dempsey and Richtofen) to the building to take a look.
"New Blood" 14
Marisa befriends a new pony named Nickolai Antonio Bloodgood and introduces him to Ponyville, but when Marisa finally finds out he is a vampony who has a crush on her, Waffle Mint isn't fond of the info. Being a werepony, Waffle keeps a close watch on Nickolai.


The next night that Marisa sleeps, her mother Rosaline visits her in her dreams, telling her that there is a horrible even that is happening in the time Machine. Apparently, in the year of 1919, Misara Arica Deimic has entered the time zone to attempt to Kill Seargent Dempsey at the time so that Marisa had never existed, and she would dissapear from the present time. Now, Marisa and Rosaline must go to the machine of 1919 and defeat Misara before she kills Tank and the others with her zombie army.
"The Infection of Friendship" 16

As the new halloween special episode, Wonder Muffin once again causes herself trouble by entering the Everfree forest while playing with a butterfly. She gets bit by a rapid animal, and than gets infected with rabies. She starts going mad, making ponies strangely dissapear, and so now the friends have only one choice to make and Kill Wonder Muffin.

Title Episodes

"A Voodoo and his Zombie"

Marisa and the rest of her friends are devistated by the loss of Wonder Muffin, but when a new voodoo pony named Vaatu uses a spell to bring Wonder Muffin back as a controlled zombie, Marisa needs to find and stop who had cursed her deceased sister (Episode by Invadervax).



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