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My Little Pony: The Next Generation is a side series that follows Absolverse Next Generation. 


This side series follows the adventures of the next generation in their lives. 



Secondary Characters


Season 1





Princess Havoc Sunlight and her twin brother Hullabaloo are finally allowed out from the shadows and to celebrate the occassion Princess Celestia desides to offically give them their official titles of Prince and Princess. Princess Crescent is thrilled at the news that her cousins are finally public to everypony, and insists on inviting her friends to the ceremony.

During this event, Xethon Skull, Dan Smith, Apple BudSoaring LighteningHarmonic SparkleLucky, Dusky BlueGemini Sparkle and Emerald Fuze are also introduced to the story.

3 Icarus The Weather Pony
Icarus decides to join the Royal Weather team under Princess Cadence and Shining Armour's daughter, Dusky Blue.
4 Hyrbid vs Hybrid
Havoc meets a Changling-Pony Hybrid named Love Bite.
5 Perfect Pet
Apple Bud and Havoc try to get Hullabaloo a pet Orthros named Snuggle Muffin.
6 The Evil Three
Love Bite, Ire and Prince Aristocrat team up, in hopes to put the hybrid royals in their place. Little do they know that Icarus isn't as shy as he seems.
7 Meeting Crescent
Havoc finally has Apple Bud meet Princess Crescent, Havoc and Hullabaloo's cousin, unfortunately the two don't get along.
8 Twin Trouble
A war breaks out between Havoc and Hullabaloo with Apple Bud being forced to take a side.
9 Operation: Prince Aristo-Brat
Prince Aristocrat has embarrassed Hullabaloo for the last time in Havoc and Apple's opinion, it's time for a little revenge. The two go a bit too far, embarrassing Aristocrat in front of Equestria and making the hyrbid activist organisation look like a joke. Celestia and Rainbow decided that maybe Havoc and Apple shouldn't be friends with each other anyone due to being a bad influence on each other.
10 Finding Who You Are Part 1
The trio is forced to be split up after the events from the last episode. Unfortunately without his sister and friend to help him, Hullabaloo's evil side comes out and wrecks terror on Equestria.
11 Finding Who You Are Part 2
After the Elements of Love fail to save Hullabaloo; Havoc, Apple Bud, and the rest of their friends unleash a power to save their friend.

My Little Pony: Equestria-Brids

A Special episode takes place with the trio's human counterparts.