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My Noble Steeds (also known as My Little Pony: My Noble Steeds or My Little Pony The Movie 2) is a fan fiction by User:Otherside86 revolving around a team of stallions. Acts as the unofficial sequel to My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.


The idea of this story have been established since the airing of Season 2 of Friendship is Magic, welcoming male characters to the main cast. But as the series continues, creative issues have caused it to be re-imagined and delayed multiple times.


After many years of peace, a new threat is seeping its way throughout Equestria. So Luster Dawn seeks the aid of six very talented and highly unusual stallions to keep the Magic of Friendship safe.


Rise of the Steeds[]


Sir Sheath[]

A lone warrior from a sacred order, calling himself "The Steed Knight of the Chess Table". A gifted strategist, detective, and combat specialist. He sees himself as a "problem solver" first and a "warrior" second. He's a natural born leader and is always up to the challenge.

Cosmic Vibes[]

Nimbus Quasar[]

A nimble, street-smart, negative performing artist. He's knows everything from classical theater to pop culture. He is able to do parkour, understanding anatomy, and control the air flow around him to make the illusion of zero gravity. He can also come up with clever one-liners, and comebacks, and making others feel bad for his own amusement.

Tech Savvy[]

A wacky unicorn inventor, and Nimbus's best friend since foalhood. He would rather use his magic to make marvelous machine than cast spell. He hopes that his creations can make Equestria a better place. He also built a pony robot that he named "Hash Tag".

Rag Tag[]

=Silver Lining[]


Sir Shroud[]

Sir Sheath's former partner in The Steed Knight of the Chess Table, and master of the Black Magic Knights.

Riff Wrath[]

A bat-winged pony criminal, and head of the Enmity Organization. He is tasked to stop the heroes from complete their mission. He is equally skilled in combat as Sheath, and has a deep respect for him. Despite is passion for crime, he possesses some sense of honor.

Little Valor[]

Right Wing[]


The Moochick[]

Sir Bishop[]




Sir Sheath: I'd rather to face you as your equal than your better. And it is best to let the outcome decide for us.
Syrena: What kind of pony are you?
Sir Sheath: I'm a Steed.
Nimbus Quasar: It is such an honor, Trincess Pilight. I'm Quimbus Nasar...That wasn't right, was it?