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Nathellie Ballerie

Nathellie Ballerie in Ever After High's Charmed Yearbook photo

Nathellie Ballerie is a retired Canadian-born French actress and former student of Ever After High voiced by Ludivine Sagnier. She is the daughter of Giselle from the old 2007 Disney film Enchanted plus an old senior to Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Sunset Shimmer.

Depiction in Equestria Girls[]

Crystal Prep High Rocks[]

Chateau In France 1

Nathellie Ballerie's chateau

Nathellie appears in Crystal Prep High Rocks as the Mane 10, the Shadowbolts, Amber, Anna, Marek, Moondancer, Coco Pommel, Potion Nova, the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Zooey visit her after they left Prague, the Czech Republic. Once they got to her chateau just outside of Poitiers, Sunset asks the steward in French where Nathellie is, she came out, much to her surprise. Much to Sebastian's surprise, he just cannot believe that the Mane 8 can speak French. Fluttershy mentioned Nathellie that the Shadowbolts do not speak French, much to her awareness.

The next morning, while Potion Nova, Moondancer, Sofia and Zooey plays tennis behind the chateau, Nathellie teaches the Shadowbolts, the two Ambers (both Princess Amber and Amber Jewel), Applejack and Apple Bloom aerobics in front of the chateau while listening to the song Fireflies by Owl City. Once all the outdoor activities are done, Nathellie, the Mane 10, Jewel, Sofia, Amber and the rest of the crew started to make a video chat with Principal Celestia, Vice Principal Luna, Milton Grimm and James Higgins. Much to Celestia's confusion, she did not notice that Cadance allows her to study there, so she introduces Sofia to herself and Luna.

The Journey Continues[]

Nathellie returns in The Journey Continues during the climax as she attended Hildegard's birthday party at Sour Sweet's house. She also takes place when Amber, Hildegard, Lyra and Bon Bon returns.