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Nature Wind as a pony is a green female pegasus who lives near the Everfree Forest. She owns a shop where she sells natural products like Rainbow Tea and wood-made tools. She lives with a baby cardinal bird and usually goes to Ponyville to make promotion of her shop.


History about the pony.

Other Info

She likes fresh green hay and sugar, but hates industrial-made sweets.

Her room has a bed but she never sleeps on it.

She is completly obsessed with a wooden sphere given by a pony kid when she was just a little filly.

Creator Info

Nature Wind is a spanish male brony who joined the herd in early February when he was taking a look at 4chan's threads and found many My Little Pony related threads. He began posting ponies as Anonymous, but soon, charmed by the My Little Pony official threads' positivism, love and friendship, changed his name to Nature Wind and made a pegasus female ponysona.

His experience as a brony made his life in the Internet happie because of the brony feedback. His experience in My Little Pony official threads helped him dealing with his fear of needles.

He was banned for 14 days from 4chan for replying on a pony thread.

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