Navy Jhonny

"yup i dont got a cutiemark, UMAD??"

About Navy Jhonny

navy jhonny is a very friendly pony that dont even know how to harm anyone. also he is not a one of the strongest, but he is a real joker. together with FLASH, he is even more epic and funny. there is not much known from him, he has no cutie mark, well in fact he does, but its in the same color as his skin. he is round about 17 now and he is a one of the friends of flash also a person out the sotry of the outlander. however he is epic, annoying and very hyper sometimes when rairty is close he is doing really calm, he got a crush on her.


Navy Jhonnyis a unicorn but his horn was cutted off by his parents when he was small cause they were both earthponys and it feld for the parent kinda shamed so Navy Jhonny can use the magic but his horn is quite gone. he is a very young student and passed for over 2 grades. nad that how he met diesel, rainbow dash and aj.

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