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Necro is a human who takes the form of a scarlet and black Earth Pony. 

Necro Nancy
Kind Human/Earth Pony
Sex Gender Neutral
Occupation Necromancer
Eyes Blue
Mane Maroon and Blonde
Coat Scarlet with black markings
Nicknames Necrow
Cutie mark
Necro CM
Owner Aniju Aura


Necro is gender neutral and speaks in a monotone, unless happy. They have reddish and blode hair with pale blue eyes. They wear a scarlet red jacket with black feathers around the hood. They have fingerless gloves and wear black boots to match. Necro likes necromancy so they have collected small animal skulls and attached them to chains to wear around the belt. 

As a pony, Necro has a scarlet pelt with black legs. Their mane is maroon and blood with their tail having blonde streaks. Necro took the form of an Earth Pony strangely, despite being about to still use magic. Necro kept the choker around their neck as a pony. Their Cutie Mark is a bird's skull mask with a jester's hat. Necro is slightly taller than the average pony, around the height of Luna or Cadence. 

Necro is very quiet, says few words, only speaks when necessary. Kind of have low self worth and a bit detached from the world. Necro likes being alone and enjoys wandering around the forest or quietly drawing. Necro is very fond of climbing trees. Necro is skilled in dark magic, favoring necromancy, however they respect the dead and will offen ask permission and guidance from the deceased. 

Necro has a pet crow named Ruuka. She has blue eyes and a beak. 

Necro also has an malevolent spirit named Lui that follows them around. Necro accidently summoned Lui while attempting to contact the spirit world for guidance and protection in their early attempts at necromancy. Lui acts as a tormentor, threatening to eat Necro's magic, and a guardian as well. 


Necro was befriended by Nathan and soon became his best friend who he likes to be around. Eventually they agreeded to come to Equestria with Nathan where they took the form of an Earth Pony. Necro found it a bit odd as a pony but manage to adapt and soon discovered Equestrian necromancy. 


Pictures of Necro.


  • Necro represents one of Aniju's friends.
  • Necro's named is meant to self like necromancy.