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Neon Nightlight

First Picture of Neon Nightlight.

What is Neon Nightlight?[]

Neon Nightlight is a normal pony who belong in a strange family underneath Ponyville. She is one of the rare mutated ponies called Neomutaints. It started out when one pony got sick from working at a neon factory that produce neon lights after a freak accident. After being checked on, they found out that its not a life treating, but more of a DNA mutated to make some ponies evolved into a newer breed of ponies. So after 200 years later in present day form, about 150 Neomutaint ponies live hiding from the other pony population doe to their freak nature.

Some Neomutaint are describe to have incredible mutations such as: Having Longer front or Back legs with Shorter Back or Front legs. Allow to have Night vision doe to their glowing eyes. Double heads, more legs, 2 or more tails. Some are smarter that can talk while others thinks they are animals. Having a larger mouth, longer necks, larger or smaller size or bigger or smaller ears. And some are even to have develop unique unicorn or pagans powers.

Neon is consider the first of their kind who looks almost like a normal pony. She has no growth hormones of any kind. Her only difference is, she has her mane able to glow in the dark and can also change mane colors based on her emotions, but only the parts that isn't black.

Neon's Family[]

Neon's Dad is a full blown Neomutaint who has longer front legs and shorter back legs, Has glowing eyes, and can talk.

Neon's Mom is a normal pony. She fell in love with her dad when she met him at a entrance of a sewer pipe gate.

Neon also has a older sister who is completely normal, she runs the military and spends more time there then her family. So Neon only sees her sister only when her sister is on vacation.

Neon relation with the surface ponies[]

So Neon discovered that ponies lived above her and she wanted to explore. Even doe Ponies and Neomutaints don't like each other. Neon wanted to become friends with the normal ponies and go to normal school and live a normal life. Her dad didn't liked that his daughter does out to the surface. But his wife reminded him that she is a surface pony who visit him and her family every so often.

Neon went to her school on the surface and everything went well because they haven't notice her being different because she looked like any other ponies. She went unnoticed until somepony pointed out her mane when Neon got mad for some other pony taking her milk. Everyone looked at her and Neon ran back to her parents because she thought they would find out.

After many years Neon become a full grown adult and wanted to explored the surface again. And this time she wasn't afraid of other ponies making fun of her.