Nic Eleven
Nic Eleven
Nic Eleven
Kind Pegasus
Sex Male
Eyes Moderate cobalt blue
Mane Brilliant crimson
Coat Brilliant azure
Cutie mark
Owner User:Nic11rocker

Nic Eleven is a male pegasus pony and the Youtube pony avatar of Nic11rocker


He was a normal pegasus, but had one fear that made him kinda "unique" from his kind and that fear was of heights (despite being a pegasus). His mane color used to be brown when he was a fillly, but because of an accident, his mane was dyed pink and stayed that way.


Nic Eleven is a happy-go-lucky pony. He has one goal: Make people happy. He is really hyper and likes everything about anything. He has one fear: Heights.


Halloween Gallery

Mark took me Halloween Costume shopping...AND I HATED IT!

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