Nickel Bristle
Avatar pony
Nickel Bristle with his ruby medallion
Kind Unicorn
Sex Male
Occupation Temporary Scribe to Twilight Sparkle
Eyes Brown
Mane Reddish-Brown
Coat Green
Nicknames Vince, Nick
Cutie mark
A Scroll with a Green Quill (yet to be pictured)
Owner DStone39
Nickel Bristle is the ponified version of the human, Vincent Storm, who is one of the main characters in the currently Untitled General Project fanfiction.


Coming from the human dimension, most of his traits are preserved. His coat reflects his favorite color of a dark green, while his hair is streaked with a dash of red to portray a passionate nature. His race as a unicorn works mostly with his skill in writing, using a quill with his aura instead of his mouth like any other pony. However, that's not to say that there's another ability lurking deep inside this seemingly insignificant unicorn bumbling around in the company. His Cutie Mark reflects his talent in writing, both as a scribe, in which he is employed in the company by Twilight Sparkle, and as a fiction writer back in the human dimension.


Not much is known about Nickel Bristle and less is told during his journey into Equestria. His origins come from the human town of San Maria, particularly the Mira Vista area, when a gift of seemingly ordinary pen leads him into a very interesting story of his own with his three friends, Lily, Tammi, and Alice. When he's taken away from his hometown by the disguised Twilight Sparkle, he's no stranger to supernatural events but would rather leave them in his books and stories than bring them to light in his own world, or in this case, a dimension filled with brightly colored ponies.


  • Twilight Sparkle, as the leader of the company.
  • Thunder Dasher (Andrew)
  • Diamond Masquerade (Joe)
  • Tuxedo Bow-Tie (Andy)
  • Blazing Skies (Mal)


  • A standard saddlebag, filled with various scrolls.
  • A phoenix-feather quill, transformed from the pen that Vincent took with him when leaving his room.
  • A ruby medallion, which he acquires later in his travels through Equestria.
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