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Kind Unicorn
Sex Female
Occupation Gardener
Eyes Luminous vivid mulberry
Mane Very dark purple & Light brilliant cyan
Coat Moderate cobalt blue
Cutie mark
Three Lily flowers
Owner Pandora

Nightlily works for the CSP and is a florist in Ponyville with her best friend Daisy. She is known to grow the best nightlilies, a special type of lily that only she is able to grow.


Nightlily is very sweet and kind to others. She's always there to listen of anypony rant or scream or just to talk even if she doesn't want to be around them. Nightlily is by far the nicest florist in Ponyville.


  • Nightlily and Daisy share the same mane style (only for her head) but it's in different colors
  • Nightlily's idea was given off of Daisy