Ninja Pony







Cutie Mark


Favorite Food

Top Ramen


is a mean pony


Ninjapony was raised as a colt in the Everfree forest, where danger was lurking around every corner. He was always avoiding harm in the unforgiving forest. There were often times Ninjapony wanted to give up and let the darkness of the forest consume him, but deep down inside he didn't want that. He didn't want to throw his life away after what his parents had been through for him. It was because of them that he continued to live. Life was hard in Everfree forest. He had to learn fast or die. Many small tribes scattered throughout the forest took him in when he had no place to stay. Through their hospitility and kindness, he learned how powerful trust and love can be. After he had learned everything the tribes had to offer, he had to leave them. It was hard for him always having to say goodbye to new friends. They understood. He was determined to find out about his past and the reason why he was abandoned.

Other Info

A witness describes what Ninjapony does.

"Woosh, woosh. Nopony could see him but he was there. He was not like the other ponies, quick, agile, and above all else ninja like because he was NinjaPony. He would top across trees, and sneak behind bushes. Suddenly ninjapony exploded." -Cassy

- His main weapon is a custom made vibrator-nunchaku.

- Throws ninja stars and gives hugs at random.

- Likes to play games.

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