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Noble Knight
Noble Knight
Kind Alicorn
Sex Male
Occupation Steed Knight of the Chess Table
Eyes Brilliant Green
Mane Black with White brims
Coat White
Relatives Sir Sheath (father)
Mare Do Well (mother)
Vorpal Smithy (grandfather)
Dainty Damsel (grandmother)
Scabbard (great-uncle)
Magic aura White
Cutie mark
Knight Chess Piece
Voice Scott Weinger
Owner User:Otherside86

Sir Noble Knight is the son of Sir Sheath and Mare Do Well, and a Steed Knight of the Chess Table. He is the second pony who represents the element of might.


Noble Knight was originally meant to be the son of Sir Sheath and Twilight Sparkle, the eldest brother of Shrove Ash and Star Light. But after the discovery of Twilight's potential love interest, Flash Sentry from My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, he was made to be the father to the girls.

So Noble Knight is now made best friends with Shrove Ash and Star Light, having known them from school.


Noble Knight was born a few years after My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Noble was trained under his father's old student, Little Valor (now called "Sir Valor") to become a Steed Knight of the Chess Table.

He protects Equestria with all his might, and become a quick enemy of the Enmity Organization.


Noble is as kind, brave, and strong as his father. He was trained in the Steed Knight ways of combat and tactics.

He is a good friend, though, on occasion, he can get a little rough on them.


Femme Fatale

Noble met Femme while she was in her public disguise Star Cross. They both started dating for a while, until she caught him in a trap. Revealing to be the daughter of Riff Wrath and Trixie Lulamoon. During his captivity, he and Femme Fatale realized their feelings for each other were true. But knowing that both of their fathers are great rivals, they cross each other every now and then, keeping a relationship while maintaining their family rivalry.