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Northern-Southern Lights

Previous Name



R.S.L (Razor Storm Light)
S.I.L (Solar Illusions Light)

Company Type

Private (Solar-Illusions)
Public (Northern-Southern Lights)


N.P.L (Northern Pyro Lights)
S.R.L (Southern Rolling Lights)

Associated Acts

Burning Black Star





Northern-Southern Lights is the name of a Music Company and Charity. It is run and owned by N.P.L (Northern Pyro Lights) and S.R.L (Southern Rolling Lights).  They are also the founders of Musical Group Burning Black Star which consist of Drummer and Singer Paige, Electric Keyboard and Pianist Little Spring, Singer and Guitarist Shimmer Nightsky along with NPL and SRL. The Founders of Northern-Southern Light is NPL and SRL's father and Uncle R.S.L (Razor Storm Light) and S.I.L (Solar Illusions Light) under the original name Solar-Illusions, but it was renamed to Northern-Southern Lights when NPL and SRL bought the company from their dad and Uncle after years of being on the Night Club Circuits. The take over was mostly funded by NPL, the oldest of the siblings paying seventy percent while the youngest sibling SRL only paid for thirty percent of the company but was handed fifty percent control of the company so they could run the company together as a unit and so they would be on equal terms.

Solar-Illusions was founded as a musical charity to help teach the less fortunate foals of Equestria and help the gifted one’s achieve their potential in becoming a musician in the future, but they evolved slowly over time to a DJ School, a specialized School to train the gifted DJ’s around, this decision was not made by RSL or SIL, this move made the pair outraged. They managed to get payback many years later when they sold the company to NPL and SRL with some members of the board that got axed saying RSL and SIL help fund RSL’s kids takeover of the company. Shortly afterwards the new owners filed a change of name to the Equestrian Courts, when this was finally given the green light for the change the company name, this is when the named it Northern-Southern Lights.