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Northern Cross


Northern Cross





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Mother: Levitas Aguila
Father: Scutum
Older Sister: Raven Flowers
Twin Sister: Southern Cross

129725108387-100 0479

Northern Cross

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This is Northern Cross, his job is to draw new maps of the land of Equestria and to keep them upto date, tho while he is flying he tends to try and draw at the same time and crash into things. Not the best or fastest of fliers, but can fly higher then most to do his job well, once he has drawn out a map, he gives it to a postal pony to deliver it to the Cartography Guild.

He wishes to travel around the world one day to see the beauty of each land, and hopefully find a place no one has made a map of, but also wishes to just settle down somewhere and just be happy.

Would like to add, that he now has a family of his own now with Robynsong, they have two children, also twins, Starry Lights (female) and Painted Wings (male), image of them here.



When both Cyg and Crux were younger were nearly in seperable, to the disliking of Cygnus as even though he liked his sister, he also found her to be quite annoying by jumping on him and bouncing a ball off his head, sometimes he wished he had a moments peace.

But one day Crux had to goto Hospital cause she was quite ill, Cygnus was left home on his own while his Mother and Raven was shopping, he felt happy that he didn't have his sister to bother him, he galloped and jumped for joy, till he realised this was the first time he wasn't with his sister... he started to feel very alone and scared, he wasn't sure what to do. The only thought in his head was to find of all ponies, Crux, so he flew out the door looking for her.

When Crux woke up in her hospital bed, she was quite surprised to find her brother sobbing lightly on the side of the bed, after calming him down he admitted he felt alone without her, after Levi and Raven finally found where Cyg had got to they came into the room to find both the Twins snuggled up in bed, always together.

Other Info[]

His nick name "Cygnus" is from the Constellation of the same name as him.