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Northern Lights


Northern Lights





Cutie Mark

None at first,later lightning-shaped northern lights with snowflakes.


Flying even in hardest weather conditions


Teenage Pony




Chocolatina chip


Lights is a grumpy pony. She seems to like being alone and is annoyed with anyone who talks a lot. Her behaviour is not surprising: she doesn't have a cutie mark while everypony in her family including her twin sister and little sister have one. After Choco Chip helps her find her cutie mark she becomes more talkative and friendly.


Northern Colours is her weird twin sister. She's annoys Lights.

Northern Snowstorm is her reliable big brother. He's the only one she trusts.

She doesn't have any strong opinions on rest of her family  ( Northern Flourish, Ilcecold Splash Northern and little Pinkstar Northern.)

Lights doesn't pay much attention to Heart Beat , but later they are friends.

She doesn't like Choco Chip at all at first. Choco helps her find her cutie mark they're close friends. (It also changes Lights' relationship with Heart Beat to friends.)

Cutie Mark[]

Northern Lights doesn't have a cutie mark while all the ponies her age have one. She is older than that age when ponies find their cutie mark. Her problem is that her hidden talent is unusual for The Frozen North where she is from (more info). It's flight. One of the reasons frozen ponies aren't good flyers is cold and blizzards. 

But Lights' talent isn't simply flying: it's flying in any weather conditions. Her wings are very strong. Before she, her  twin sister and brother arrived to Ponyville Highschool by exchange nobody ever knew that she can fly very well. In fact Northern Lights used to go outside alone and enjoy flying while no one is bothering her. 

Choco Chip was first to realize that Lights is good at flight: Chip was never able to catch Lights when she tried to escape from her. Choco Chip told their P.E. teacher about that. The teacher asked Lights if she wanted to enter a flying competition. Lights didn't want to go but later somehow he was able to convince her to go. Lights won and showed a really good result.

And that's how Equestria was made! :D