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Northern Wind


Northern Wind





Cutie Mark

Sword and Pencil


Northern Wind is a green pegasus with a blue highlight in his tail and mane. He always wears a black velvet glove lined with silk and jeweled with six sunlight topaz because it enables him to perform lesser magical tricks, which aid in his art. His lighter traits are a sense of humor and the ability to party for days on end. His darker traits are fighting prowess, quickness to anger, and a pseudo perfectionism toward his art leading to a 'I can NEVER be good enough...' attitude.


Northern Wind, Formerly a guard. After the release of Nightmare Moon, the futility of that effort became apparent. Why waste time defending that which is so well defended?

After having devoted his life to martial studies, he didn't know what to do. When one's life's work becomes useless, what does one do? He kicked around in his hometown for a while, wasting time as he waited for inspiration... His cutie mark at that point was a sword.

Eventually, waiting around at home became obviously wasteful. it was then that it became obvious his old choice of assignment was no longer fitting, he forsook his endeavors toward combat and instead chose to pursue art. spending what little he had on supplies, he quickly sculpted himself a studio in the clouds and began work. A couple of months later, he emerged with his first finished piece, only to find that his studio had been blown far from home.

Stumbling out of his 'home', he was alarmed to find that his wings had weakened in his time inside. He tumbled end over end until he eventually hit the canopy of some trees and passed out as he hit the ground.

When he awoke, in merciful response to his trial-by-fire, and as acknowledgment of his rite of passage, his sword cutie mark had been crossed by a pencil... Living proof that ponies make their own destiny.

Other Info[]

Wind got the glove while out on patrol as a gift from a long forgotton CO.