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Omnicorns are an unicorn like horse found on the planet of Zarmina.


Omnicorns are unicorn like ponies that forage and hunt on both the Dark and Sunny Side of the planet. Omnicorns have  strong muscular bodies, with long tails used for balance covered in long hair. Omnicorns have large long ears, used for echolocation, however they cannot pick up their ears. Their hooves glow different colors and admit a colorful smoke when they walk, which also leave behind a hoof print for a few seconds. Because they are omnivores, they have sharp canine teeth with flate molars at the back of their mouths.

Omnivores live in groups, lead by an alpha male and female. Males will leave their birth group in search of better breeding opportunities, either by locating new females or joining another group. Females can produce up to one to four foals in a litter, their offspring are born smaller than the other horse creatues, however the entire group will help to rear the young. Most females will produce two foals at a time.

Being uncorns, Omnicorns can preform basic magic, mostly relating to their bioluminescence. They have the ability to change thier color, only color of their bioluminescence markings, and even dim their light to help with camouflage. Their horns are curved, which males will use to duel each other for dominance and breeding rights.


Pictures of Omnicorns.


  • Omnicorns get their names for being omnivores with the word Omni means of all things.