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The Order of Harmony, or simply known as The Order, is a group of ponies formed after the events of the Canterlot Invasions to prevent evil and disharmony from causing harm again.


The Order is made up of all three races of ponie with the same interest to prevent chaos from taking over the kingdom. Most share a dislike of Changelings as well as Draconequuses. They started small by a male Unicorn named Knight Watch and a female pegasus Spectral Prism who split from the Royal Guard after Celestria wouldn't allow any investigation into the Invasions. Having different views than the Royal Guard, the Order preforms acts the Royal Guard won't do. Forming shortly after the Canterlot Invasion, the first goal of the Order is to seek and destroy all changelings. After seeking out the Changeling's colony, forcing them to flee, the Order has been hunting down every changeling they encounter as well as intimidate any would be changeling sympathisers. They also investiage any none-pony creature including Draconequuses, griffins, dragons, manticores, mintuars and even zebras. The only thing the Order hates more than Changelings is Draconequuses. The Order will also go after any dangerous magically artifacts or any pony preforming dark arts. Despite their good intensions, the Order is know to preform cruel and ruthless acts to achieve their goals.

Order Members

Knight Watch - Leader and founder of the Order

Spectral Prism - Second in Command