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Oreo Sings
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Oreo Sparkle
Kind Pegasus
Sex Female ♀
Occupation Writing song lyrics
Eyes Slate
Mane Dark Gray, almost black
Coat Light Blue-Gray
Nicknames Oreo
Relatives Silver Spark (mom)

Steel Lightning (dad)

Theme Song Pharrell_Williams_-_Happy_(Despicable_Me_2_-_Lyric_Video)
Cutie mark
Sparkling Oreo
Voice Olivia Olson (older)

Kyla Rae Kowalewski (younger)

Owner Greatness The NightWing

 Oreo Sparkle is a pegasus pony who likes oreos, if they even exist in Equestria. She's playful and loves to sneak up and jumpscare other ponies by saying "DIVEBOMB! Of oreos!". She also loves singing ever since she was little.


Oreo was born into a normal pegasus family, much like everypony else. Her parents almost got interested into Oreo having to work at a bakery, but they denied it as they thought it did not suit her. Instead, they taught her to sing. Oreo took this up rather quickly, making up song lyrics and jamming out at random times. She grew up doing this and now writes song lyrics to her favorite songs and often sings along to them.


She's very playful and friendly, she loves making new friends. She also loves singing, and she can be a little crazy at times.


  • She sometimes gets over-insane, and when this happens, she attempts to drown Equestria in coffee. 
  • She can go without blinking for up to over an hour.
  • She's very bad at hiding.