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"Stop right there, criminal scum! Nobody breaks the law on my watch."


Outrider, a.k.a. Rider


Earth Pony



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Son Goharotto


Outrider is a brown earth pony with dark brown mane and eyes. He is a Journeypony-rank member of the Equestrian Royal Guard, Ranger Division, as indicated by his silver armor and green cowl. (Gold armor is reserved for full knights.) A Royal Ranger is tasked with patroling the Equestrian country-side, both as a general peacekeeper and to ensure the natural balance is maintained.

Rider -- to his friends -- is a private and low-key pony, slow to temper and remarkably tolerant in nature. He does, however, get chatty when nervous and is prone to fits of acute Hoof-in-Mouth Disease.

Although Rider excels at his job, ever diligent and circumspect, he feels no higher calling. This disaffection is manifest in his lack of a cutie mark. Since the guard armor is convenient for hiding his "blank flank," Rider is rarely seen out of uniform.


Mlp oc coltrider

A young Rider, in happier times.

Outrider is a native of Manehatten, but comes from a "lower class" family of blacksmiths. Despite being looked down upon by the pony elite, this was a happy time for Rider, who spent his formative years playing stickball with friends in empty lots and alleys.

One memorable summer, the blond niece of Mister and Missus Orange from down the block joined in a pick-up game -- and handily schooled all the rambunctious colts. This made a significant impression on Rider and, though he only saw the filly from afar after that, he developed a lingering crush . . . but she had disappeared by summer's end.

Growing up, Rider seemed to drift through life, never quite finding his place amidst the hustle and bustle of the big city. The increasingly frequent jeers of "blank flank" drove him even further to distraction and Rider eventually chose a form of self-exile. He joined the Royal Guard and has not returned to Manehatten since.

If Rider misses anything the most, it would be the street food culture that sprung up among Manehatten's lower class ponies. He is particularly fond of gyros -- vegetarian, of course. Growing up, his favorite flying team was the Rough Riders, with whom he shares his nickname.Undo vand

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