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Painted Canvas, or Painted for short, is a beige pegasus pony with a pink and white mane with a ribbon on the left side. She is an artist who loves art and crafts, and even owns her own art shop in Ponyville where she sells her artwork and art supplies. She is very social and sometimes teaches painting to fillies while other times she stands at the market drawing ponies for fun. When she is not working on art, she spends a lot of time with her best friend Milkyway, a baker unicorn pony. Painted is a girly girl and loves to look her best; she spends a lot of time on her mane to make it look shiny and curled just right. She is more cute than diva, and she are always full of energy and an impressive amount of imagination.

Painted loves to fly, and does it a lot, despite a slight fear of heights. She isn't afriad of the height itself, but she gets scared that she might fall down from the sky, get hurt, and never be able to paint again. When she is with friends, she flys as much as she can, but to be able to paint, all her hooves have to be on the ground. She is overdramatic, and her imagination can come up with the craziest theories and ideas.


Painted grew up in Ponyvillie with her Granny Canvas who also was an artist in her younger days. She was a late bloomer and got her cutie mark almost last in her class. It didn't really upset her though, because Milkyway was a very supportive bestfriend, even though Milkyway was one of the first to get a cutie mark. She have one true bestfriend, she have been with her all her life from she was a little filly, Milkyway. Painted wanted to become a weather patrol pony as a filly, but she wasn't very good at it. She followed her heart and walked in the Canvas family's hoofsteps to become an artist.

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Panited with one of her friends Mudprick.

Painted canvas by nyappy muffin-d3as88e

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