Paisley is a pale blue, almost white, pegasus mare. Her flowing mane is turquoise with pale turquoise streaks. Her eyes, rounded like Fluttershy's, are a brilliant orange. Her cutie mark is a flower. She is a student at Canterlot High as well. 




Kind Pegasus
Sex Mare
Occupation Gardener/Florist
Eyes Brilliant Orange
Mane Light Cyan

Light Opalish Grey

Coat Arctic Bluish White
Cutie mark
A flower

Equestria Girls

Eco Kids

At Canterlot High, Paisley is part of the Eco Kids group, with Starlight, Sweet Leaf, Green Cycle, and Captain Planet. The Eco Kids do environmental projects together.



Paisley is a very quiet girl. Passionate about her flowers, she is described as being kind and helpful. She may be impulsive at times, but Paisley's always ready to lend an ear.


Paisley's talent is working with flowers. She loves flowers. She helps out at flower shops on the weekends.

Romantic Relationship

Paisley has a die-hard crush on Valhallen (called Drummer Stix on this wiki.) She refuses to admit it, but it's obvious to anyone around.

School Events

Fall Formal

Like everyone else, Paislet went to the Fall Formal. She wore a yellow v-neck dress with ruffles and a "moderate apple green" waistband. Her boors were the same apple green with yellow and brown accents. Like all the girls, she wore a necklace with her cutie mark on it.

Rainbow Rocks

Paisley was part of Captain Planet's band, the Planeteers. She played the maracas. Unfortunately, they lost to Flash Drive in the first round.

Friendship Games

Paisley is a rollerblader in the Friendship Games. At first, she was very clumsy, but after a while she got the hang of it.


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