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This page is all about Pandora's mane six characters. Crushes, secrets, and more on their history can be all found here on this page. This page will be updated with much more than what is already on the page.

Primson Gown[]

Primson Gown is the mane six's leader. Unlike Twilight, she is an Earth pony.

A Primson and Diamond

Primson Gown with her rival Diamond Ring.

 Like Twilight, she has made many rivals and friendships. In Pandora's mane six, she contradicts Twilight Sparkle.


Seeing to it that it maybe too much of a mary-sue to make Primson a unicorn and act and behave like Twilight, Pandora made Primson Gown an Earth Pony. Later on when Primson has finally earned her right to be somewhat of a unicorn, Pandora made the Unicorn Amulet. It is a special type of Amulet that allows Primson to turn into a unicorn. (If taken off, she is turned back into an Earth pony so she is never seen with out it).

Mint Blossom[]

Mint Blossom is the southerner like pony in the mane six. She is also the second-in-command if Primson is gone. 

Like AppleJack (her distant cousin), she speaks in a heavy Southern accent and is very athletic. Mint contradicts AppleJack.


AJ is one of PandoraStar411's favorite Earth ponies and thought it'd be awesome if AJ had a cousin that was in Pandora's mane six.

Anne Hoofinway[]

Anne Hoofinway is an earth pony who lived in Manehattan for quiet sometime before moving into Ponyville to make her movie debut. Anne contradicts Pinkie Pie in a way.


PandoraStar411 was watching one of Anne Hathaway's movies (The Devil Wears Prada) and decided she'd make a ponified part for her. Thus, Anne Hoofinway was created.


As humans[]

  • Primson Gown is a fashionista
  • Mint (unidentified)
  • Anne is a comedian
  • Midnight is a rocker
  • Violet is an athlete
  • Mika is an eco-kid