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Paper Scoop





Cutie Mark

Fountain pen & Magnifying glass


Ponyville correspondent for the Manehattan Daily News (also makes the deliveries)


Milky Mane, the milk pony


Paper Scoop has a light blue coat and she does her green mane according to the style of Manehattan's secretaries ; which is also why she sports dark red triangular glasses. She considers it to be a very professional look.

An investigative reporter, she's always spying on Ponyville inhabitants from her camouflaged blimp looking for news, and does not hesitate to lend a hoof when she can. Then she'll talk about it in her article.

Her editor back in Manehattan is confident in Paper Scoop's capabilities, but often has to remind her what the readers expect from her as the Ponyville correspondent.



When she was a filly, she dreamed of becoming a great reporter for the Manehattan Daily News. She used to introduce herself as such, even if at the time she was only the Daily News paperfilly, in charge of delivering it and nothing else. She also built a small advertising cloud ("READ THE MANEHATTAN DAILY NEWS")which moved around the town with a propeller powered by a bicycle attached to several party balloons.

Not a secret lair

Totally not a spy blimp.

As she grew up, the cloud did too, and she ended up living in it when she left her parents' place. It's now a blimp of reasonable size, still hidden inside a big cloud with the same old advertisement. A big, noticeable inconspicuous telescope pops out from under the cloud and surveys Ponyville in search of the next headline.

She has a lifelong rivalry with Milky Mane, the unicorn daughter of the pegasi (Yes, when I tell you there's something fishy here !) from the "Milky Way" milk producers.

Milky mane et paper scoop

Milky Mane and Paper Scoop as fillies.

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