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Paper Work
Paper Work (vectorized)
Paper Work
Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Occupation Office Worker
Eyes Moderate Emerald Green
Mane Light Brilliant Blue Violet

White (streaks)

Coat Light Brilliant Yellow
Nicknames Mommy


Relatives Sweet Treat (daughter)
Cutie mark
Paper Work cutie mark unfurled scroll
Unfurled scroll

(Megurine Luka's singing voice)

Owner Pinkgirl234

Paper Work is Sweet Treat's mother who resides in Appleloosa. She works as an office worker, her job of choice to earn living for her and her daughter's needs.

Development and Design[]

Paper Work is a yellow pegasus with a purple mane and tail with white streaks, and round green eyes. Her cutie mark is an unfurled scroll which tells that she is good at writing at grammar. Additionally, it also tells she is good at office work too. This is also hence by her name. Paper Work was designed in Pony Creator.


Paper Work lives in Appleloosa with her daughter Sweet Treat. She works in the "Appleoosa Office" as an office worker in order to gain living for her and her daughter.

One day, Paper Work told Sweet Treat that she had matured as a lady in life, since she has been doing the duties of a lady, gone to good schools, and finish her studies.


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