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Passion Fire


Passion Fire





Cutie Mark

A flame with a small black core


Passion Fire has a young foal named Chocolate Moose and two Brothers (Pomelo & Burtrum) She may love her brothers, but she cant stand them, they tend to annoy her but giving her son bad habits and advice. She feels she has to watch out for them which tires her and annoys her. She often is to truthful and wont like the truth about her. She is easily annoyed with normal ponies trying to befriend and she much rather watch over fillys or rub hooves with country folk. She is also seen in town often with her brothers seeing blood is thicker than clashing personalities. She often hides her art for she actually hates being "main stream" but is often much willing to give a picture away for free to a close friend.


History about the pony

Other Info

Likes: Children, art, events, working hard, and parties (secretly sweets too)

Dislikes: Quiet, heights, bugs, healthy food, and ponies who are peppy all the time

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