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Pathfinder is very reserved until you get to know him; he doesn't wear his heart on his sleeve and isn't the first to start up a conversation. That being said, he is assertive when he needs to be and isn't afraid to call out unjust actions against himself, or his friends. Ever since he was a colt, he has loved the outdoors and the freedom of exploration. Even as a child, he had a natural sense of direction which


was so keen, he could navigate through fog or rain as if it were any other fairweather day. His passion for exploration and living off the land stayed with him into his teenage years when he received his compass cutie mark. More than just representative of his outdoorsman nature, for Pathfinder, the compass symbolized how he should continue to explore all the world has to offer, as well as take time to set aside isolation just long enough to establish friendships with other ponies. Though hesitant to the idea of being at a social gathering rather than starting a campfire at night, the more he tried it, the easier it became for him. No longer a social recluse, ponies openly come to him for advice or assistance which he gladly offers to those who need him.

He currently resides on the edge of Ponyville where he offers his services as a guide for weary travelers through the Everfree Forest. When he can, he travels across Equestria to map out different areas for his own enjoyment. He also finds good company in the zebra, Zecora; it is his firm belief that he couldn't ask for a better neighbor.


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Pathfinder sketch by Rizcifra

Pathfinder has lived most of his life outdoors (and he wouldn't have it any other way). Ever since he was a colt, he had a spirit for adventure and exploring. As he grew older, he learned how to make his own fishing rods, cut down trees, fashion saddles, start fires, and other various outdoorsman handiwork. He has spent weeks in dug out trenches, sand huts, treetop cabins, and mountain caves, all of which he has renovated into cozy homes for himself. He now has settled down just outside Ponyville, but still explores the borders whenever he gets a chance.

Random Facts[]

  • He comes off as a masculine pony, but still shows his softer side to those close to him
  • He loves to cook and write music in his free time
  • He is VERY shy around mares; he becomes particularly clumsy around them.