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Commission - MLP FiM OC - Pathfiner (by ShaloneSK)
Pathfinder, as drawn by ShaloneSK







Cutie Mark

Unfurled map

Extra Field

Cartographer and lover of maps


Pathfinder is a goldish-brown unicorn pony who lives in the scholarly town of Derbyshire. His mane is a darker brown color while his tail is a dual-color of brown and gold. Like many other male ponies, his hooves are emphasized from the rest of his body. The cutie-mark on his flank is that of an unfurled map; representing his special talent in cartography and mapping in general.


Raised by his grandparents for his whole life, Pathfinder was mostly to himself as he grew up. He was never deeply into conversation, but was kind and laid-back. Growing up he had friends on an off, but he never really developed a deep connection with anyone. Because of these traits, he never found his special talent. He liked various things, but could never find that one thing that he could dedicate his talents to; and as a result, he was a blank flank for a good part of his young life.

That was until he met Sojourner; a pony who was out-going and loved adventure. In fact, she loved it so much she discovered her cutie-mark fairly early in life. While they both attended the Concordia Acadey of the Arts and Sciences in Derbyshire, they had a chance meeting in a geography course. They spoke and after taking a liking to him, she gave him some advice. Through that advice, he found that he loved geography, and loved learning of where he was. He also loved maps as both a form of art and science.

It was shortly after that he gained his cutire mark; an unfurled map. This not only represented his love for maps and for showing the whole world on any medium; but it also represented his unfurled love for the world and the cultures within.

After both Sojourner and he graduated from the Academy, they started a museum not far from the academy. They occupied an old and dilapidated building from Equestria's past when Derbyshire was a big racing town. Ever since then the two have gone on many adventure together.

Other Info[]

When it comes to his talent; he loves drawing maps and taking notes of various natural features in his notes. He comes from a long line of explorers and even though he doesn't have the strength or stamina of the earth pony Sojourner; they compliment each other in many ways.