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Pavel Ratynakh
Павел Ратынах
Kind Human
Sex Male
Occupation Politician
Eyes Black
Nicknames Sir Paul
Cutie mark
Democrat Symbol DemocraticPartyOfEquestria

Pavel Nikolayevich Ratynakh (Russian: Павел Николаевич Ратынах) is a 49-year old opposition leader, who is a friend of Aleksey Vagdko, and he did attend school as usual.

Law approval[]

He can assist with Aleksey Vagdko with passing laws from the leading Communist Party, because he is the opposition politician, and in general, has a decision to accept or deny any laws anyway by himself.

This is crucial to any government, because historically, the Communist government was essentially mounted to a dictatorship, for having the democratic party as the opposition, they can be elected within the next election anyways in general.

He did attend school, although his history is unknown, because he lost a few pages of his friend's diary at one point, which were never found, that is why he forgot the facts about his life anyways, although he's a good opposition leader.


  • He was already questioned by Twilight Sparkle at one point, but he's a politician, not a member of the MLP royalty!
  • He was also questioned by the Russian government for criticizing Shuvalov.
  • He was also criticized for the reason why he was shy.