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Pearl Onyx is the daughter of Queen Chrysalis. She is part of the TBA is the TBA of TBA.

Pearl Onyx

Pearl Onyx Pegasus form
Pearl in her pegasus form

Pearl Onyx True form
Pearl's true form

Kind Changeling
Sex Female
Occupation Owns a Jewelry
Eyes green
Mane light green(pegasus), dark green(true form)
Coat purple(pegasus), blue-green(true form)
Nicknames Pearly, Ony
Relatives Queen Chrysalis
Cutie mark
Pearl in with "stones" besides them
Owner Fynxfan



She was born as the next princess of the Changelings, but was not raised by her mother, instead by some Changelings of the hive. Because of this, she came to dislike her mother, always wanting to get away from her.After the Canterlot Wedding, where she went with her mother, seeing how the ponys live, she decided she wanted to stay, finally finding a chance to flee from the changelings and created a pony persona. When she met Taiga and Havoc that were kind of similar to herself, she decided to befriend them.


She lives together in Manehattan with her best friends, Taiga Northwind and Havoc Daystar and owns a Jewelry.


In her Pegasus form, she has a green mane and golden shoes. She has green eyes and a purplish coat.

In her true form, she has a darker green mane and a dark blue-greenish coat. Her eyes are green as well. Her ears and wings change. She gains her horn and wears a golden crown, higher shoes and collar. She wears a light blue-greenish thing on her back. She also looses her cutie mark.


Pearl Onyx is a mare that likes to order people around. She is kind of narcissistic and hates when ponies correct her or are better than her. She is easily annoyed by the smallest of things. While snobby in front of normal ponies, she tones this down while in front of friends and family and tries to help them with all of her power to be different than her mother who neglected her.



She is a Changeling, so she can shape-shift.


She has trained flying since her birth, or shortly after.


In her true form, she posesses a horn, so she can use magic similar to her mother.


Havoc Daystar[]

Havoc is a best friend

Taiga Northwind[]

Taiga is one of Pearl's best friends

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