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As a rule, Peaseblossom's Emotion-o-Meter never really rises above "meh." Always a shy pony, she would much rather spend the day in her greenhouse than talk to people, though she does have a few friends. When especially frazzled, Peaseblossom becomes giggly and manic, frantically rushing around to get everything done and laughing hysterically at anything remotely funny.


Peaseblossom was born and raised in Canterlot, the only child of two rather well-to-do unicorn ponies. Unlike her parents, however, she never showed much talent for magic. Peaseblossom eventually resigned herself to a life of disappointment, knwing that she would never get her cutie mark, as she wasn't really good at anything.

One day, though, a disease swept thrugh Canterlot-- the result of a spell gone wrong-- causing many ponies to fall ill and all the plants to wilt. Several herbalists were sent into the nearby woods to gather ingredients for a cure, and Peaseblossom was one of the many young ponies brought along to help. After traveling deep into the woods, Peaseblossm's partner began showing signs of the illness, and was soon unable to move on. Peaseblossom ventured out on her own, and managed to find some of the flowers used for the cure-- but only a few, barely enough for one pony, and certainly not enough for the entire town. Feeling defeated, Peaseblossom helped her partner back to town, bringing the seeds of the flowers with her in hopes that something could be done. She and the other herbalists who weren't sick planted the seeds, but soon the older ponies fell ill as well. Peaseblossom, showing signs of the disease as well, carefully sheltered and cared for each individual plant, and within a matter of days there were enough ingredients to administer a cure. Strange thing was, the plant usually took weeks to reach maturity.

After she was cured herself, Peaseblossom's doctor pointed out to her that there was something on her flank-- her cutie mark had finally appeared.

Other Info

Peaseblossom has a weak spot for tea, especially of the herbal variety.

She is utterly terrified of crowds.

As a rule, she doesn't like children or animals-- they dig up her garden. She does, however, have a pet mole, Flora, who helps her till the soil. She also likes earthworms.

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