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Periwinkle ID
Kind Unicorn
Winter Pony
Sex Female
Eyes Very pale orchid
Mane White
Coat Light azureish gray
Nicknames Peri, Winky, Periwinkle, My Student (Princess Snowflake)
Relatives Princess Snowflake (Mentor)
Crystal Glacier (Mother)
Ice Tornado (Father)
Cutie mark
A blue snowflake with 2 white small snowflakes
Owner User:Astralfleur

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Periwinkle is a winter pony and the student of Princess Snowflake. She holds the element of Values. 


She is smart, and sometimes stubborn. She doesn't want sometimes to know if there is danger around, but she sometimes (again) knows. Periwinkle loves her friends and she knows she loves them back. 

Her parents died because of the Pony War II, she suffered and cries, causes trauma. 


Periwinkle is born in Winter Wonderland. She was borned by Crystal Glacier and Ice Tornado. They married each other. Periwinkle has a gifted magic and it is seen by Princess Snowfrost. She was fascinated by her powers' beauty. 

However, her powers are extremely dangerous. If she goes to other worlds, and she starts to activate her powers, the current place she is in will turn into winter forever. Periwinkle tries to conceal it, don't feel it, don't let them show or know to other ponies except her species.


Princess Snowfrost[]

She was faithful to her mentor. She loves her and learns anything from her easily.


She is the first pony to befriend with. She loves hanging out with her sometimes. She is the only pony that is never been disciplined by Periwinkle.

Crystal Snow[]

Crystal Snow shows caring for her, Periwinkle sometimes saves her from many dangerous obstacles that she is trying to pass through. Sometimes they fight because of she always disciplines her.

Ice Crystal[]

Ice Crystal checks her infections, etc. Ice loves Periwinkle so much, that it may take to the next level. But when she does something wrong, she disciplines her.

Snow Storm[]

She tries to find many cures so she could cure her disease, which shows caring for her. And she discliplines her.


  • She was inspired by Periwinkle in Tinker Bell. 
  • Her powers is inspired by Elsa.